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Ol’ Lil and the Engine of Economic Recovery

“Look, it’s Christmas,” said Smart Gear, pushing open the door to let us all in the bar, “let’s keep it festive.” “Look who’s talking!” said Pissy Boy, “Last time, you said you got to decide what made a good photo, …

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Ol’ Lil Has A Heart

A bunch of us go into a bar to talk art.  “Photo,” said Grumble Grim.  “Oh art, photo, what’s the diff?” said Sugar Sue. “Big diff!” said Pissy Boy.  “Artists never wanted us; now, they think they are us!”  “Oh, …

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Ol’ Lil Sees Red

A bunch of us went into a bar to talk photo.  “Look,” said Smart Gear, “the best photo has the least in it.”  “So the best photo is some sand on a beach?” asked Sugar Sue.  “Maybe,” laughed the Mixmaster, …

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