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Blog Category: 2-Minute Mysteries

The Fortune Teller’s Fortune

Look, said Beker patiently, fortune tellers are a fake. You’re married to a retired CSIS cypher clerk, Carol; trickery was my business.  You’re just afraid to go in, said Carol.  Here, just follow me, and she swished into the large …

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White Roses For Her Wreath

Beker stared morosely at the hole in the ground.  There just yesterday had been an  unexceptionable Blanc Double de Coubert, a shrub rose with pure white flowers and a heavenly scent but prodigally available in any garden supply store, not …

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Multiple Mayhem

Very dapper, thought Beker, watching the young man board the bus, his hair slicked up, a tiny moue of a moustache over cherry red lips and wearing a grey striped suit straight out of a 1920s getaway car.

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Putterball’s Revenge

  Walking up to that damned overblown house had always put Beker off never mind bearding Count Crusty, its principal inhabitant.  Now he was here, unavoidably about to do both and all because of Carol’s dim dog.  How on earth …

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